Welcome to the efsli 2015 conference website!

We are very happy and proud that the next year’s efsli AGM and conference will take place in Poland. We invite you wholeheartedly to attend this wonderful event. We will make it a special experience for you. The very theme of the conference is already exciting and believe us, there will be much much more than that when you come to Warsaw on 11-13 September 2015.


More details of efsli 2015 programme

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A few words about Warsaw…

Warsaw is the capital of Poland, a beautiful centre of political, cultural and economic life of our country. It is situated at the intersection of routes connecting Eastern and Western as well as Northern and Southern parts of Europe. An exceptional city in which the past meets the present. Warsaw is a thriving city with […]

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See what they say about efsli 2015 – Brett Best

Brett Best: certified BSL (British Sign Language) and ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter based in London. She will be presenting at the conference the findings of her research in a presentation entitled : “Strategies Utilised by Two Interpreters When Working From International Sign to Spoken English”. In her presentation she will address the topic on […]

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efsli 2015 on Czech television for the Deaf

A few days ago announcement about efsli 2015 was made on Czech television for the Deaf. Expressions of thank you to our Czech colleagues for supporting us in promotion of the conference! Hope to see many of you in September! http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ivysilani/1097176961-zpravy-v-ceskem-znakovem-jazyce/215411000130310

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