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Partners and Sponsors | efsli2015

Partners and Sponsors



Narodowy Bank Polski (National Bank of Poland) is the central bank of the Republic of Poland. The most important areas of activity of the NBP are:

  • monetary policy,
  • issue of currency,
  • development of payment system,
  • management of official reserves,
  • education and information,
  • services to the State Treasury.

NBP is a Partner of the efsli 2015 conference under its national campaign addressed to social groups endangered by financial exclusion due to various disabilities of their members. The initiative of the NBP called “NBP does not exclude” is aimed at providing information on economy to the excluded by means of:

  • a special, highly accessible website www.nbpniewyklucza.pl designed for people with different disabilities, including audio description, texts adjusted for people with intellectual disability and interpreting into sign language
  • a TV campaign attracting attention to activities undertaken by NBP to fight financial exclusion caused by disabilities
  • “Glossary of economic terminology in Polish Sign Language” – a first such publication in Poland, available online, for iOS and Android
  • 600 sets of typhlographics of Polish banknotes, accompanied by audio description
  • commemorative coins issued on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Society for the Care of the Blind and the 50th anniversary of the Polish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability



Plagiat.pl Ltd is the Polish market leader of software created to combat copyright infringement and the unauthorised use of another’s intellectual property. The company provides an Internet Antiplagiarism System and other essential tools to protect intellectual property to academic institutions, high schools, publishing houses and website owners. Plagiat.pl Ltd has been helping educators and students to prevent plagiarism since 2002. Plagiat.pl Ltd currently cooperates with nearly 190 universities in Poland. For the last few years the company under its international brand StrikePlagiarism.com extended its activities in other countries, for example Romania, Kazakhstan, Germany or Moldova. Plagiat.pl Ltd is also the organizer and participant of many conferences and meetings on the subject of quality of education and plagiarism phenomenon in Poland and abroad. The Company’s mission is supported by Polish Accreditation Committee and Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The company’s website www.plagiat.pl provides useful information on how to use the System and fight plagiarism.


LIDEX is a company which combines tradition and modernity. For 26 years, we have been implementing new services and solutions in order to provide our Customers with translation, interpreting, conference, graphics and film services of the highest quality, using state-of-the-art IT tools. However, our most important asset is the people we work with: passionate individuals who know what it takes to provide superior customer service.

Interpreting services

  • Conference and simultaneous interpreting
  • Sign language interpreting
  • Translations – all languages and useful subject areas
  • Localisation (websites, multimedia and films)
  • Innovative translation performance and management tools

Conferences and events

  • Simultaneous interpreting, conference and display (audiovisual) systems
  • Sound, lighting and voting systems
  • Teleconferences and videoconferences
  • Services aimed at the participants of conferences and events
  • Transportation, support services, conceptual work, visualisations, location bank

Graphics and film

  • DTP – processing and preparation of print-ready material (and printing of the translated documents)
  • Visual identification (BTL, ATL)
  • Translation and localisation of films (all useful languages)
  • Video editing, subtitling, voice-over recording (with native speakers for foreign languages)
  • Voice bank

Logo Msign mała gotowe png

MSign is a small, newly-established company providing services in the area of:

Sign language interpreting:

  • in various settings, mainly academic and conference,
  • of websites

and teaching:

  • methods of implementing sign language in kindergarten and early-school education,
  • Polish Sign Language at different levels of difficulty,
  • about Deaf Culture and sign language (trainings and workshops)


Migam is an innovative Polish start-up which combines sing language and technology to eliminate communication barrier between the Deaf and the hearing. Migam is using a video contact center system for connections with sign language interpreter via web browser and mobie app. This solution has been already implemented by companies like: T-Mobile, Orange, ING Bank, Bank BPH (GE Money Group), Samsung, Euro.com, PizzaPortal. Thanks to that their Deaf customers can easily reach them through Migam Interpreter service. Migam is a company with a global ambition. Currently they are openning branches in other countries: UK, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Sweden and Pakistan.

Individual donors: