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Social programme | efsli2015

Social programme

As the conference theme has been known for some time now – at least since the last year’s efsli AGM&Conference in Antwerp – and the programme has been published for a few months either, the only part of this year’s conference that we can surprise you with is probably the evening entertainment.

Hence, so as not to keep you waiting any longer, we would like to invite you to two special events of this year’s efsli conference:

  • Warsaw tour and a cocktail party accompanied by a mini-exhibition of paintings by Deaf artists from a Group of Deaf Artists called GAG on Friday


  • The Saturday night of exciting quizzes, contests, challenges and test-yourselves intertwined with a show of magic tricks, pantomime and dances.

On Friday 11th September we will take you for a short tour around Warsaw. As our capital is beautiful but also quite big and the time for our walk short, we would like to show you two spots that are of importance to Warsaw – the Palace of Science and Culture, a gift in the name of friendship from Josef Stalin, a symbol of communist times in Poland, and the Institute for the Deaf – one of the first schools for the Deaf established in Europe.

Having stretched up a little, we will come back to the conference venue for a lovely cocktail connected with a small exhibition of works by Deaf artists from GAG.

GAG is an informal artistic group of Deaf and hard-of-hearing art lovers. They organise professional exhibitions, open air workshops and cultural events with the participation of GAG members. On Friday evening GAG will present several works by their members, some of them being famous both in Poland and abroad. You will be able to learn about them a little, as one of GAG’s representatives will join us during the exhibition :)

The first day of the conference proper will certainly not end lazily and quietly in your hotel rooms, no way! We will not let that happen! You will have to come to our Saturday Gala Dinner and make some effort to deserve your rest :) Firstly, you will have to face the dinner, but that will be like a piece of cake.  Then, get ready, we will check your knowledge of different countries, their cultures, traditions, maybe even geography. We will see representatives of which efsli member country are best at answering questions, enjoying themselves and having fun :)

In order not to make you too tired and again ready to bed, we will treat you with our special guests: Iwona the Mime :) and Magic Maciej :)

Apart from being an interpreter, Iwona is also a well known street actress. She has a vast experience in performing for various audiences, took part in numerous performances, festivals, contests and art camps in Poland and abroad, she ran trainings on artistic expression. She is a great stilt walker :)

See a few words from her:

In his everyday life Maciej Kowalski works as an interpreter and trainer. In his spare time though he devotes himself entirely to maaaagic…. Not the black one, of course! He is a great fan of magic tricks and illusions :) He has entertained many auditoriums, took part in various contests and now promised to prepare something very special for the efsli Saturday night. See a small sample of his skills here:

Let us hope he will not make us all disappear, because there will be next day of the conference to go!

So, what you need to remember about while packing is:

  • a pair of good shoes for a short walk (well, the walk may be short, but the Palace of Culture and Science is 44 floors high and if the lifts break down…)
  • some nice dress for the gala dinner – nice but not limiting your movements too much, as you might be asked to dance or jump or to perform some other physical activities :)
  • excessive amounts of good humour!