“To say or not to say

 challenges of interpreting 

from sign language to spoken language”

The conference theme is a bit unusual, because it is fully devoted to a field of interpreting that is relatively rarely discussed: interpreting from sign language to spoken language (speech and text). We would like to discover why interpreting in this direction is perceived as such a tough task for many of us. Where do our problems come from and how can they be dealt with? How do we make our voice-over a success? What are the possible roles of Deaf  interpreters in this field? How can we teach it effectively? And finally, how should we make sure that our Deaf customers can trust us with what they want to say?

We invite Deaf and hearing interpreters, interpreter trainers, students, researchers and customers of interpreting services to join in the professional discussions related to:

  • Techniques and strategies of interpreting into a spoken language
  • Deaf interpreters and their role in interpreting into a spoken language
  • Team interpreting and co-working in sign to voice interpreting
  • Methods of teaching interpreting into a spoken language
  • Ethics of interpreting into a spoken language
  • Writing sign language down
  • Interpreter’s responsibility for the image of his/her Deaf customer

and whatever you consider interesting and relevant in this area of interpreting.

The conference will take place in the Novotel Centrum Hotel situated in the very heart of our beautiful capital. It will provide you with an unforgettable taste of Polish hospitability, sense of elegance, modernity and comfort and serve as a great starting point for excursions to the Palace of Culture and the fabulous Old Town.