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Call for IS interpreters



efsli 2017 AGM & Conference

Deadline to submit applications: 25th May 2017

 “What’s up Doc?”

Interpreting in the medical, mental & allied health care settings


The French Association of Sign Language Interpreters (AFILS) is hosting the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (efsli)’s Annual General Meeting and Conference from 8th to 10th September in Toulouse, France.

  • We are looking for a team of three experienced International Sign (IS)/English interpreters to work at the efsli AGM (Friday 8th September) and Conference on Saturday (9th September) and Sunday (10th September).
    They are expected to arrive on Thursday 7th September.

Interpreters will receive:

1. 1.500 euros (taxes included) for their interpreting service at the AGM and Conference (3 days)

2. up to 350 euros (travel expenses)

3. hotel (3 nights)

4. meals will be paid for

  • For Conference on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September) we are looking for an additional experienced IS/English interpreter. He/she is expected to arrive on Friday 8thth September by 17:00 hrs.
    This interpreter will receive:

1. 1000 euros (taxes included) for interpreting services at the Conference (2 days)

2. up to 350 euros (travel expenses)

3. hotel (2 nights)

4. meals will be paid for

Prerequisites: relevant training and/or experience in international conference interpreting.

Mixed team (Deaf and hearing interpreters) are encouraged to apply.

The full interpreting team (LSF-French, IS-English and spoken French/English interpreters) will be directed, supervised and coordinated by an interpreter coordinator who will promptly contact working interpreters once they have been selected.

All interpreters are expected to participate in the preparatory meeting on Friday evening from 18:00 to 21:00.


Please send a letter of interest with your conference interpreting strengths & weaknesses, and your CV by 25th May 2017 to: organizing2017@efsli.org



For further information about the efsli AGM and Conference, please browse the following websites:

– efsli website: http://www.efsli.org

– afils website: http://afils.fr

– efsli 2017 website: http://efsli2017.org

For any additional information about this call please contact the efsli team at: team@efsli.org

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!

Thank you!


Open/Download “Call for interpreters” here: >>> PDF <<<