2020 efsli AGM & Conference – Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Interpreter 4.0  – Towards a virtual reality?

Challenging new connections and
human relationships


The efsli board has constantly followed the coronavirus outbreak and how it has globally affected our lives. The timeline of the coronavirus outbreak, a global pandemic, is different from country to country and thus it is evolving differently. We don’t yet know exactly what that will mean for our lives, business and freedom of movement. Some experts have predicted a second wave of coronavirus next winter or even before.

Given the uncertainty around the coronavirus, which is exceptionally high, the efsli Board has decided to postpone our annual conference next year 2021 (with the same general topic and still in Cluj – Romania). We have worked hard with ANIALMG to organise the efsli events this year and we are grateful and thankful for that. The efsli conference new 2021 dates will be soon announced.

Those who already registered to the 2020 efsli conference and paid the registration fee will be shortly contacted by the efsli back office to coordinate the reimbursement procedure.

Be safe.

The efsli Board

Co-hosted by European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (efsli) and Asociația Națională a Interpreților Autorizați în Limbaj Mimico-Gestual (Anialmg) 

Challenging new connections and human relationships

The digital revolution has already and will considerably change the daily working routine of interpreters and translators: machine translation, avatars, connected gloves, artificial intelligence, online dictionary, video interpretation – just to mention a few.

The conference will focus on how digital developments are changing the work of translators and interpreters, how working interpreters are preparing themselves to learn new skills, how interpreting programmes are thinking to prepare future generations of interpreters and how our relationships with interpreting service users will change in the short term.
Through the theme “towards a virtual reality” we propose to consider the place of sign language interpreters amongst those technological evolutions that are transforming our daily lives. Actually, technology does pose a number of challenging questions:

  • Are technological inventions meant to assist or replace interpreters?
  • How can we position ourselves as interpreters to respond to these changes and take full advantage of them and avoid the technological wave taking over us?
  • How does the deaf community view these new technologies? How do they participate in their development in alliance with the interpreter’s community?
  • What impact will 21st century technologies have on those members of both interpreters and deaf communities who have been left on the fringe of digital developments?

Keeping up to the best tradition of efsli conferences, the 2020 efsli’s annual event in Cluj will provide an open-scene for stakeholders and participants from different fields of knowledge: researchers interpreters, translators, trainers, users of new technologies. They will share their experiences and exchange views on the cutting-edge developments in the digital field. Debates will also make it possible to consider what our society will be like in the future and how to make it more inclusive for all citizens.

Join us in Cluj and be part of this journey!