efsli policy papers

Guidelines for Interpreting in Educational Settings

efsli AGM 2012 approved the Guidelines for Interpreting in Educational Settings. Please find the full text of the Guidelines for Interpreting in Educational Settings here.

Below, the guidelines translated by volunteers to different European spoken languages can be downloaded. efsli  is not responsible of the accuracy of the translations:

The guidelines in Slovenian can be downloaded here

The guidelines in Russian can be downloaded here (translated by Igor Bondarenko)

The guidelines in Ukranian can be downloaded here (translated by Igor Bondarenko)

International Sign training

Please find the efsli policy on International Sign training here.


HiResVideo Policy

January 2010

The efsli board and/or the organisers of the efsli event will have the right to video record the event with the prior written consent of the presenters and working interpreters at the event. (Participants will be informed that the event will be recorded and invited to inform whoever is making the recording to NOT record them if this is what they wish.)


Participants at the efsli event can video record segments of the event but recording of whole sessions of the event is not allowed. Any recorded material should be for personal use. The recorded material should not be used for research, training or other public purpose without written permission from the organisers of the event.

Video policy at efsli events(1)

Third party usage guidelines of efsli logos

Please find the guidelines for using efsli logos >>>here.