ASL interpreters in Europe

Over the past couple of years, efsli has received an increasing number of request for ASL interpreters to meet an increasing demand of ASL users travelling to Europe for business, study or leisure. In order to meet this demand, it was agreed to invite Certified ASL interpreters living in Europe to provide their details so they could be contacted.

Below you will find a list of registered or certified ASL interpreters living and working in Europe. The interpreters on the list have provided their contact details to efsli. You can contact the interpreters directly. Efsli can not be held responsible for the details provided by the interpreters.

If you are a registered and certified ASL interpreter yourself, you can be included in the efsli list of ASL interpreters in Europe. Please download this form and follow the instructions.

 Name City & Country
Email / Website
Spoken languages & Sign Languages into ASL
efsli individual member
Tim Curry Prague, Czech Republic angloson @ English yes
Scott MacWilliams Vienna, Austria scottlmac72 @ English yes
Oliver Pouliot Paris,
oliver @
English, Basic French (BSL level 3) yes
de Wit
the Netherlands
maya @
English, Dutch, German,  Dutch Sign Language yes
Lissa Zeviar Amsterdam, the Netherlands

English, Dutch, French yes
Kyle Duarte Paris, France interpreter @
English, French, Spanish yes
Catherine Maier Glasgow, UK ctmaier @ English
Brett Best London, UK
English yes
Shanta Corra Dublin, Ireland English, Spanish yes
Mark Zaurov Hamburg/Berlin, Germany German Sign Language, Israel Sign Language, IS yes
Lisa Mathes Kaiserslautern, Germany English yes