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Deaf Interpreters Seminar 2016 | efsli2016

Deaf Interpreters Seminar 2016

Deaf Interpreters Seminar 2016 

5th efsli Deaf Interpreters seminar
Athens (Greece)

7th to 8th September 2016

In cooperation with

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Registration deadline:
30th August 2016


1) The themes of this year’s seminar are:

Topic 1: “Integrity/neutrality as DI” (Bo Hardell)

Learning outcomes:
•What it means to be a Deaf interpreter with integrity in a tight-knit community?
•What situations would affect the neutrality of a Deaf interpreter?
•What are the useful strategies for maintaining integrity as a Deaf interpreter?

Topic 2: “Working with a sign language interpreter as a feed” (Robert Adam)

Learning outcomes:
•What is involved with working with a feeder?
•How do Deaf interpreters develop their working relationship with a feeder?
•What settings are appropriate for working with a feeder?

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