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Social Programme | efsli2016

Social Programme

Party Time!

“to know us better”

Our social programme offers several designed to allow you to enjoy yourself and experience a bit of Athens.




20:00- 23:00: Deaf Association (E.K. E.)6e761a_a0c93f0a9258456e975238d8e4178b73

Founded in 1948, the Greek Association of the Deaf (EKE) is the oldest and the largest Deaf Club in Greece. Having through the years fought for the promotion of equal rights of the Deaf in Greece and their accessibility in education, work and social life, EKE still plays a prominent role in the Deaf culture and society.

We will be expecting you all at the hospitable club premises to celebrate the closing of the efsliDi Seminar and the opening of the efsli conference in Athens.

(Look The Map) here

*For the ones of you who are to dine at the hotel before the welcome party, dinner has been scheduled to be served earlier for the occasion at 19.00.

*Volunteer team will lead you from the Titania hotel to the Greek Association of the Deaf at 19.45.



18:30- 20:30: Tour at the new Acropolis Museum

A tour at the new Acropolis Museum will be organised for those interested in enjoying the highlight of the ancient Greek culture.

New Acropolis Museum Location: Athens, Greece Architect: Bernard Tschumi Architect






One of the 25 Best Museums in the World, the new Acropolis NAM, AKTOR, 05JUL2009Museum exhibits nearly 4,000 artifacts found on the rock of the Acropolis and on the surrounding slopes.

Upon arrival at the hotel and registration, you are kindly requested to apply for participation in the tour.

Acropolis Tour Languages: English & International Sign

After the visit to the Museum, dinner will be served at the hotel.  olive-garden-acropolis










The Grand Closing Gala

–> 20:00- 20:30 SAF lottery

–> 20:30- 22:30 Folk Greek dances and traditional Greek musicmaxresdefault

images–> 22:30 Dj music and party time






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