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Social programme – efsli 2018

Social programme

Deaf Band Dlan

Deaf Band Dlan is a band created on the initiative of the Deaf members of association “Theatre, visual arts and Culture of the Deaf – Dlan” and in collaboration with the adult education institution Pučko otvoreno učilište Zagreb. Program started with international workshop on playing percussion instruments for persons with hearing impairment. The workshop grew and included playing drums and bass guitar, and in the year 2015 Deaf Band Dlan was founded.

There are seven of us in the band: five Deaf and Hard of Hearing, guitar soloist and female singer that are of intact hearing (the Hearing).

  • Iva Valentić, vocalist, academic painter by vocation, working as a freelance artist;
  • Lemary Vuletić, signing singer performer, with main interests in dancing and traveling;
  • Angel Naumovski, bass guitar, lead of the Dlan association that promotes culture and arts of the Deaf, otherwise physical education teacher in Educational center Slava Raškaj, in Zagreb (former Deaf school);
  • Mingsheng Pi, bass guitar, designer and painter, Chinese, born in South Korea, living in Zagreb since 2001.;
  • Nedeljko Feljan, percussion, background vocal, volunteer and handy at Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Zagreb, retired in 2010 due to eye accident in handball match;
  • Dražen Maleković, drums, employed in national Croatian post office, started playing drums with his father who had a band of his own and played at weddings;
  • Siniša Matijašić, guitar and musical mentor of the band, manager of several music projects, associate professor at Pop and Rock Academy in Zagreb, writer of several shows and musicals.

Besides Siniša, musical mentor, and Dražen, who played drums alongside his father, non of the other band members had any musical experience.

We translate our songs into sign language, so that the Deaf can also understand us. Several of our songs we arranged in such way that refrain is sung in sign language by all of us, the whole band (except the drummer that holds the rhythm) and that turned out to be great hit. It is interesting thing to see hearing audience signing with us.

Dlan Association

Association “Theatre, visual arts and culture of the Deaf – DLAN” was founded on 18th October 2001, on the initiative of few Deaf individuals with the main goal of promoting Deaf culture and audio-visual art in republic of Croatia and abroad, bringing artistic and cultural content to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and accepting the notion of the Deaf being cultural minority inside the civil society. Dlan Association is profoundly active in development of creative expression and feeling of self respect in Deaf community, as well as making artistic and cultural world accessible to the Deaf community.

DJ Nedeljko Feljan

Nedeljko Feljan is born Deaf, graphic technician by vocation, but sportsman and artist by career and life interest. After 16 years of handball career and three olympic medals he is now retired and involved in music and other artistic events in Deaf community. Music has always been in his life, in what he can enjoy via hearing aid and feeling vibrations and rhythm. He plays percussion instruments in Deaf Band Dlan since 2016. Thanks to new technologies he started to play with music, to adjust it so that it is more accesible to the Deaf community. In that way he is now engaged as DJ in so many social events organized by Deaf community. Music that he plays is all about drums, bass guitar, loud and high pitched guitar sounds, rhythmic sounds that go through the body and lifts up energy and emotion.