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Interpreting in, between and about cultures

In Dubrovnik, September 2018, the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters in cooperation with the Swedish Association of Sign Language Interpreters (STTF) proudly launched next year´s efsli Annual  Conference which will take place from 7th to 8th of September 2019 in Malmö (Sweden). The conference main theme is:

Let´s have a fika! – culture in a cup

In Sweden, one of the most important daily activities is the ritual of having a fika. “Having a fika” – “Having a coffee break” is actually more about socialising than drinking coffee. It is a social institution. A real cultural meeting point with friends or colleagues for a chat, a moment of relax and, of course, a cup of great coffee with a sweet treat.

We have borrowed this cultural touchstone of Sweden to discuss about sign language interpreting and, more precisely, when interpreting occurs in, between and about cultures.

In line with the conference theme, we will open discussion to share experiences, academic research outcomes and to investigate how sign language interpreters and interpretation/translation processes have been involved in many ways with and related to Deaf Culture/s and  communities’ values and what developments have occurred in the sign language interpreting field over the half century.