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Scientific Committee

Elisabet Tiselius, Head of Scientific Committe
Elisabet Tiselius has a PhD in interpreting studies and is an active interpreter since 1996. She is Swedish state authorized public service interpreter, accredited to the EU and member of AIIC. As an interpreter she works both as a public service interpreter in health care and court and as a simultaneous conference interpreter in the EU. 
Tiselius is Senior Lecturer in Interpreting studies and Director Studies for interpreting and involved in the programs for public service, conference and signed language interpreting at Stockholm university, where she teaches both theory and practice of public service interpreting and conference interpreting. She supervises students at all levels and supervises two PhD students (in interpreting studies and higher education) 
Tiselius is affiliated to the research group on Childhood Cancer Health Care at Karolinska Institutet, where she studies communication over language barriers in highly specialized cancer care (partly funded by Swedish Childhood Cancer foundation). At Stockholm University she is focusing her research on cognitive aspects of dialogue interpreting (VR grant 2016-01118) as research leader for the SPRINT research group. Together with the research group on Interpreter and Interpreter training at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, she investigates training of deaf interpreters. She tweets @tulkur
Ksenia Golubina
Ksenia Golubina is a language educator with over 25 years of experience
in teaching, research, and curriculum development in higher education.
She holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics, has authoured and co-authoured research
articles and publications on linguistics, intercultural communication,
corporate language policy in English and Russian. She has been involved
in developing teaching resources and assessment materials for modern
languages majors. Ksenia Golubina currently serves as Dean of the
Faculty of English, Moscow State Linguistic University and in charge of
sign language interpreter training programmes at Bachelor- and Master-
degree levels as well as sign language professional development
programmes at MSLU.
Anna-Lena Nilsson
Anna-Lena Nilsson (PhD) is currently Professor of Sign Language and Interpreting at NTNU, Trondheim, Norway. She has more than 35 years of experience as a signed language interpreter (Swedish Sign Language/Swedish/English), in a variety of national and international settings. Professor Nilsson has trained interpreters since 1994, and was part of the team planning the BA-program in Sign Language and Interpreting launched at Stockholm University in 2013. She is a member of the assessment panel for the WFD-WASLI International Sign Interpreter Accreditation, and was also part of the team setting up a national accreditation system for Swedish Sign Language/Swedish interpreters.
Beppie van den Bogaerde
Beppie van den Bogaerde is professor of Deaf Studies at Hogeschool Utrecht, UAS and of Sign Language of the Netherlands at University of Amsterdam. She is closely connected to the Utrecht NGT Interpreting and Teacher programs, and has been active in the interpreting field for 25 years. She has a lot of expertise in bimodal bilingual language acquisition (both L1 and L2) and assessment, and is a fervent advocate for multilingualism for all children, especially in education. She is a proud member of the expert team of the ECML projects ProSign I and II, since 2012.

 Chrissostomos Papaspyrou
Dr. Chrissostomos (Chriss) Papaspyrou was born in Athens in 1959. Since 1962 he is deaf. He has studied chemistry at the University of Athens and the ETH of Zurich, as well as advanced sign language linguistics at the University of Hamburg, where he acquired his Ph.D. academic degree in 1990. Since 2009 he works as Principal at the Athens High School for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. He has functioned as visiting professor and sign language linguistics project manager at the Universities of Athens, Hamburg and Nicosia. He is fluent in seven languages.
Linda Eriksson
Linda Eriksson works as a pedagogue at the National Resource Center for Deafblindness, Nkcdb. Linda was previously employed on the 4-year sign language interpreter and deafblind interpreter training programme in Örebro, Sweden, where she worked as a teacher in deafblindness knowledge and tactile sign language. In addition to her work, Linda is also involved in various non-profit projects for the Association of the Swedish Deafblind, FSDB, of which she is a board member. Linda has experience of using an interpreter in many diverse situations. Linda has a Bachelor’s degree with a major in sign language.

Camilla Warnicke
Camilla Warnicke holds a PhD and works at the University Health Care Research Centre (UFC), Örebro County, Sweden. She is affiliated with the School of Health Sciences at Örebro University, Sweden. She is a certified interpreter between (spoken) Swedish and Swedish Sign Language. She also works as a trainer in the interpreter programme in Örebro. Her research interests are related to accessibility and interaction in interpreted encounters (spoken/signed language interpreting) for example Video Relay Service, and she is primarily carrying out her work within the framework of Conversation Analysis and dialogical theory.

Kristof De Weerdt
Kristof De Weerdt is lecturer in the Applied Linguistics and Master in Translation & Interpreting training program since 2010 and is president of the language group Flemish Sign Language (VGT) at KU Leuven University, Faculty of Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. Before starting to teach at university, Kristof trained interpreters in vocational training programs since 2004.  
Kristof has been involved in multiple research projects on VGT since 1997, such as lexicographic research, the lexical gap project, a study focusing on signs with obliged mouth gestures, and research concerning interpreters. As a deaf translator/interpreter himself, he is particularly interested in deaf interpreters, a topic on which he is currently conducting a study with Dr. Prof. Myriam Vermeerbergen.
Johanna Mesch
Johanna Mesch, Professor of Sign language at the Sign Language Section of the Department of Linguistics at Stockholm University. Her corpus work in Swedish Sign Language started in 2003. She has constructed the corpus of Swedish Sign Language, the corpus of tactile sign language of deaf-blind signers and now learner’s corpus in Swedish Sign Language (with Dr. Krister Schönström) within a project of Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (2017-2019). Her wider interests inluce cross linguistic comparisons of signed languages.