2022 October 5th Webinar: “The translated deaf self” by prof. Jemina Napier

We are delighted to host another efsli webinar:

The translated deaf self, ontological (in)security and deaf culture”; presented by prof. Jemina Napier.

Timing: October 5th 2022, 18:00-20:00 (CEST BRUSSELS TIME)
Languages: the webinar will be presented in IS and interpretation into English will be provided.

Description of the seminar:
The ‘Translating the Deaf Self’ project, funded by the UK Arts & Humanities Research Council, sought to explore whether and how translation might be constitutive of Deaf culture(s).
This project asked:
(1) How is translation/interpreting constitutive of Deaf culture(s) in their formation, projection and transformation?
(2) What is the impact of consistently experiencing existence to others as a translated (interpreted) self on personal identity, achievement and well being?

It took a novel interdisciplinary approach in combining Translation and Interpreting Studies, Deaf Studies and Social Research.
The three stages of data generation involved (i) scoping the subject matter with Deaf community participatory groups, (ii) conducting interviews with other stakeholders including interpreters, parents of deaf children, and hearing people with deaf colleagues, and (iii) exploration of real-life experience and co-production of interpretation and significance in a range of contexts using videoed observation and think-aloud protocols.

This seminar will be tailored to sign language interpreters to give an overview of the findings of focus groups with interpreters and deaf people on their perspectives on the experiences of deaf people only being ‘known’ through translation, with respect to the perceptions of mediated communication as a consistently recurring condition in Deaf people’s lives and responses to that sociological, linguistic and cultural condition. There will be a particular focus
on what interpreters can learn from deaf people’s perceptions of their experiences, and what interpreters have to say about their sense of responsibility in this context.

Interested? Do you want to join?
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Thank you! Looking forward to see you on our next webinar.

The board,

Genny, Androniki, Isabelle and Siegrid

webinar 5 October 2022