2023 Empoway training ON-SITE! About tactile communication

Efsli is delighted to announce that we will have on-site training in Brussels given by the amazing advocate for DeafBlind, Steffy Floux from the collective Empoway. 

WHEN?: 18 & 19 November 2023. 

Who ? 
Steffy Floux is a passionate and accomplished deafblind professional, dedicated to empowering others through their expertise in deafblind studies and accessibility. Their transformative journey began with the European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Greece in 2011, igniting their commitment to enhancing accessibility. Their leadership skills flourished through the esteemed Frontrunners program in Denmark. As a co-founder of two significant DeafBlind associations in France, they continue to inspire and educate as a valued member of the European Union of Deaf Youth (EUDY) training team. In 2019, they earned the prestigious “Deafblind Reference” degree from the University of Rennes 1. They then enriched their skills further by becoming one of the few certified ProTactile trainers from Europe, enrolling in Oregon, US. Presently, they serve as a dedicated home support worker at Koninklijk Instituut Woluwe (KIW) and excel as a Deafblind mentor, leading the DeafBlind Studies program at Empoway. With unwavering dedication to accessibility, Steffy Floux stands as a driving force in creating a more inclusive world for deafblind individuals and beyond.

The program will be the following : 

Saturday, November 18, 2023 (14:00-18:00)
– Sharing experiences
– Culture: challenging preconceived notions about Deafblind people
– Tactile Sign Language positions and techniques
– Role-playing in Tactile Sign Language in various contexts

Sunday, November 19, 2023 (9:00-13:00)
– Understanding the experiences and emotions of a Deafblind person
– Presentation of the main codes used in haptic communication
– Putting Tactile Sign Language and haptic communication into practice in different contexts

The training will take place at “La maison Notre-Dame du Chant d’Oiseau” (https://www.chant-oiseau.be) near to the town center of Brussels and easily accessible by transports.


The training will be delivered in IS and interpretation into English will be provided.
Please register here online, the registration deadline is 11th November at 18:00 CEST.
More information will be given to registered and paid participants.


Please fill out our registration form: important! You will get automatically an overview of your registration but your are only admitted after the registration AND payment has been completed!


Payment can be made either;
by bank transfer (please remember you must include bank charges when paying).

BNP Paribas, Belgium
IBAN: BE71 290015049569 BIC: GEBABEBB
EFSLI (European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters)
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Training DB 2023-715001 and your registered name
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Payments must be made the same day of the registration or by the following day at the latest. 

If not, your registration is not valid. Please email a copy of the proof of your payment to training@efsli.org
If you have any difficulties or questions regarding your payment, do not hesitate and contact our treasurer at: treasurer@efsli.org

Looking forward to see you in Brussels, 

The training team

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