efsli is a forum where good practice and expertise are shared between all stakeholders in the field of sign language interpreting, such as sign language interpreters themselves, users of the services, educators and policy makers. By bringing together actors from all sectors and levels, efsli aims to further the mutual understanding of the professional requirements for sign language interpreters. By encouraging an exchange of knowledge, efsli aims to encourage the higher status of the profession through proper and continuing education, increasing professional recognition and adequate remuneration.

The aim of efsli has always been to provide a forum for discussion and information sharing amongst its members and interpreters at large.

Therefore, every year, following the AGM, an efsli seminar or conference has been organised that includes participants from all European nations and guests from all over the world.

ARTICLE 2 – Aim & Objectives

Section 1. Aim

2.1.1  The aim of efsli shall be to promote knowledge and exchange of information and experience in professional Sign Language Interpreting.

Section 2. Objectives

2.2.1. efsli will adopt the following objectives to further the above aim:

a) to encourage and promote deliberation on and mutual exchange of information about the processes involved in interpreting and the requirements for interpreting service delivery in European countries;

b) to encourage and promote scientific and pedagogical initiatives that improve standards of Sign Language Interpreting and Interpreter Education and Training;

c) to provide advice and support to Sign Language Interpreters, Interpreter trainees, Interpreter trainers, and users and providers of Interpreting services;

d) to do all such things that further the aims of efsli.
2.2.2. ADDITIONAL OBJECTIVES – The above objectives are to be considered crucial for the advancement of high quality professional Sign Language Interpreting and are expected to be reflected in the following additional objectives:

a) to secure and retain official recognition of the profession of Sign language interpreters;

b) to represent the interests of the profession of Sign Language interpreters to appropriate bodies.

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