efsli Committee of Experts – eCE

In the efsli AGM 2011 it was approved to establish an efsli Committee of Experts (eCE). This committee can be consulted by the efsli board for additional information on the consulted topics. The consultation of the eCE is carried out on a voluntary basis, and the advice of the eCE is considered by the efsli board, but not legally binding.

So far, the main task assigned to the eCE has been the preparation, in collaboration with the efsli board and staff, of the efsli publications Learning Outcomes for a Graduate of a Sign Language Interpreting Training Programme and Assessment Guidelines for Sign Language Interpreting Training Programmes, launched at the European Parliament in December 2013.

The chairs of the eCE are:

  • Prof. Lorraine Leeson (Trinity College Dublin)
  • Prof. Jemina Napier (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh)