efsli’s graphic identity

Guidelines for EFSLI’s graphic identity

Consistent visual appearance allows us to establish a clarified and respected image of our organization. On the following PDF, You can find the guidelines for the EFSLI’s graphic identity.


Third party usage guidelines of efsli logos

Please find the guidelines for using efsli logos >>>here.


To ensure correct use of the logo, it is recommended that you first read the guidelines manual throughoutly. You can choose freely between the wide and the narrow version.

If  you’ve choosen the version of our logo that is needed, please contact publicity@efsli.org and specify your needs: wide or narrow/use for printing or websites and (powerpoint) presentations/ special features (negative logo’s or black and white logo’s)

You will be provided with the logo you need as soon as possible.


New image

EFSLIs new image was created in Finland in co-operation with graphic design company Codesign and Finnish Sign Language interpreter ms. Anitta Vesamäki representing the EFSLI board.


Many of the pictures in EFSLI webpage are from PictureBank KuvaKassara (kassara@tulkit.net).