Serbia – ATSZJ

Country facts

Population: 7.498.001

Hard of hearing and Deaf people/Serbian 100.000 (approx)

Deaf Signers 30.000 (approx)

Size of the country: 88.361 sq km

Interpreter organization

Asocijacija tumaca srpskog znakovnog jezika (ATSZJ)

The Association of Serbian Sign Language Interpreters

Facts on sign language interpreters

Number of registered sign language interpreters: 100(estimated)

ATSZJ has 21 full members SL interpreters and

18 associate members (SL students and persons who are willing to support ATSZJ)

Interpreter training

From 2002 Association of Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Serbia organize Seminar of Sign Serbian, which lasts 7 days, and it occurs more or less every year. The committee appointed by the Association of Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Serbia decides who will get the certificate that enables one to work as an interpreter. Subject taught are: Signs and deafness. The exam is usually being held after a Seminar. Exam lasts 10 minutes (approx) and it is consisted of sign to voice and reverse and short conversation with deaf person.

In 2010 ATSZJ made a pilot project of three two-days training for Serbian sign language interpreters. Subject taught were: Deaf Serbian History and Deaf Culture, Code of ethics, interpreters’ role, pre-interpreting techniques, simultaneous interpretation (theory & practice) and feedback. 25 interpreters attended training.

Important events in the past year

ATSZJ signed joint statement with Association of Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Serbia (SGNS)

ATSZJ training for Sign Language Interpreters

ATSZJ members had worked and eventually developed Code of Ethic

Website: With a special entrance for only the members


Cooperation networks

Develop literature on Serbian language and trainings for SLI

Promotion of Serbian Sign Language and interpreters’ profession

Recognition of Serbian Sign Language

Recognition of SL profession