Supportive Attendance Fund – SAF


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What is SAF?
Sign language interpreters from all around Europe gather once a year at the efsli AGM and Conference to exchange experiences, share knowledge and gain expertise.
To guarantee that European sign language interpreters also from countries with a low GDP can participate in the AGM and conference, efsli set up the efsli Supportive Attendance Fund (saf) in 2004.
saf provides financial support primarily to interpreters from European countries with a GDP of € 15.000 or lower. Interpreters from other European countries also are very welcome to apply for a funding. For details see the guide to application.
The Supportive Attendance Fund depends on donations.

How to apply?
You would like to apply for a funding from SAF for the efsli AGM and Conference 2019?
You will find all relevant information in
SAF application guide 2019 and
SAF application form 2019.
Please read both application guide and application form carefully and send us your application by 25 March 2019.

How to donate?
If you want to make a donation, you can either use the efsli PayPal account:

Paypal Donate

or donate by bank transfer to the SAF bank account:
EFSLI (European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters)
Bank details: BNP Parisbas, Belgium
IBAN: BE56 0355 8279 0488

Wetstraat 26/15
1040 Brussels

In both cases, please state that you are donating to SAF.

How to support SAF?
Apart from a donation, there are countless other ways to support SAF. Here are a few examples:
• organize a fundraising event like a raffle or an auction
• organize a show, lecture or sponsored walk where the fee is given to SAF
• do a collection at your associations’ annual general meeting or other type of event
• sell cakes or cookies and give the earnings to sSAF
• join the saf committee
• help us in doing translations to International Sign
• … just let your imagination fly!
For advice please contact

Why support SAF?
Still not convinced? Please have a look at the reports from people that have received a SAF funding:

The SAF reports

Who is in the SAF committee?
The efsli SAF committee consists of five interpreters from the United Kingdom, Croatia, Serbia and Belgium. If you would like to join the committee, please let us know. Helping hands are always welcome.

Bibi DaLacey-Mould (UK)
Ivana Markovic (Serbia)
Nikki Champagnie (UK)
Greet Doggen (BEL)
Nives Gotovac (CRO)

For further information on the efsli Supportive Attendance Fund, please contact:

Eligible countries and GDP