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DC-Schema Series of Webinar with Robyn Dean

Practical applications of Demand Control Schema Registration deadline: 4th September 2021 What are the webinars about? 11th September 2021: “Talking about ethics (and how not to…)” Daniel Kahneman said that talking about ethics, “requires a richer vocabulary than is available in everyday language.” In other words, talking about ethics and reasoning through decisions require a Continue Reading

2019 efsli & EULITA’s joint training

efsli & EULITA’s joint training efsli and EULITA are pleased to launch a joint training on “Interpreting in Forensic Settings” that will take place on 30th March 2019 in Luxembourg. Trainer: The training will be delivered by Prof. Lorraine Leeson, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and it is designed for both spoken and signed language interpreters, Continue Reading

2018 Winter school in Skopje

From 9th to 11th November 2018 In cooperation with Zdruzenie Na Tolkuvaci Na Makedonski Znakoven Jazik (Association Of Macedonian Sign Language Interpreters). This training will investigate best practices in co-working as a formal learning for Deaf and Hearing interpreter teams. Address of the training venue: Megjunarodna fondacija Boris Trajkovski Kosturski Heroi br.17/21 Skopje, Former Yugoslav Continue Reading

2018 efsli TOD in Tirana

from 19th to 21st October 2018 in Tirana, Albania In cooperation with ANAD Registration deadline: 1st October 2018 Interpreting for deaf refugees is extremely demanding regarding emotional investment and strategic communication of interpreters and the collaboration between participants in the setting. Salient aspects of working in this highly sensitive setting will be presented. Typical pitfalls Continue Reading

PRO-Sign Special Balkan event

Invited people can register clicking HERE Registration deadline: 10th October 2018 Special Registration Fees for the Balkan Region Special offer for Deaf teachers, interpreters and advocates from the Balkan region (in alphabetical order: Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia , Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey [European part]). 40 Euros- Continue Reading