Call for trainers efsli school on interpreting in educational settings

Deadline for submission of proposals: 30th August

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Extended deadline call for trainers efsli and EUDY  <<< download here (PDF)


The 2015 efsli School on Interpreting in Educational Settings is organised by the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (efsli) in cooperation with the European Union of the Deaf Youth (EUDY), and BVGT (Flemish Association of Sign Language Interpreters).

We are looking for trainers who will be involved in carrying out a professional training programme. For this purpose, efsli invites experienced trainers from the sign language interpreters’ community to share their expertise and work in a stimulating European environment.

Venue and dates

Training will take place in Belgium (city to be confirmed) from 23rd to 25th October, according to the following tentative schedule (training timetable subject to possible changes):

Friday 23rd October from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Saturday 24th October from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday 25th October from 9:00 am to 12:00 am



Training will be presented in English or International Sign. Interpreting services will be provided (English/International Sign)

Correspondence with efsli and official documents will be in English.

Topic of the efsli school

The topic of this efsli Autumn School 2015 is: Interpreting in Educational Settings


The amount of Deaf students incorporated in mainstream schools and universities has increased in the last years across Europe (EUDY 2014 survey results), and this trend is expected to continue. In general terms, Deaf students have acquired an important experience in working with sign language interpreters in educational settings, and this issue has also had an impact on the interaction between the different stakeholders involved in the setting (Deaf students, interpreters, and staff of the educational institutions involved). The impact of the work of sign language interpreters in the education and quality of life of Deaf students is of utmost importance but sometimes is underestimated.

The programme should incorporate a short time slot for a EUDY representative to present the organisation and the Deaf client perspective to the school participants (details to be discussed between the selected trainer and the EUDY representative). This school aims at least (but not limited to) to cover the following aspects:

  • Current situation of Deaf young people in education (based on EUDY’s survey 2014).
  • Preparation, collaboration and interaction with the different stakeholders involved in the educational interpreted event.
  • Different types of clients (from those with a wide experience with interpreters to those with a not so well defined picture of rights and duties) and strategies to effectively and ethically work together in each case.
  • Ethical and professional issues, including self evaluation of one´s skills before accepting an assignment.

Trainer´s profile

We are looking for a trainer who:

  • has at least 5 years of experience in training sign language interpreters;

  • has a very good knowledge of, and can work in English and/or International Sign;

  • is able to work in an international training setting with participants of different languages and cultures.

  • is skilled, knowledgeable, and has experience in this efsli 2015 school topic.

Duties of the trainer

  • to attend a preparatory meeting with the efsli and EUDY representatives and the organisers which will take place before the start of the training;

  • to prepare the materials for participants (to be ready by 2nd October 2015);

  • to train a class of 25 participants (max);

  • to evaluate the training;

  • to send an evaluation report by 1st November 2015


Submission of training proposals

Training proposals should have both a theory and a practice focus.

Trainers should submit their training proposals in English indicating:

  • a draft training programme focusing on the efsli school topic;

  • a professional Curriculum Vitae;

  • the professional fee requested.

Training proposals out of the training scope will be rejected without review.

Please send your proposal and CV by email to:

Selection procedure

The selection will be carried out by efsli and EUDY and will be based on the criteria stated in the “Trainer’s profile” section. A comparison of professional fees may occur according to budget and market requirements.

General financial conditions

Travel, board and lodging of the trainer will be covered for the full length of the training. Bookings can be made after approval by efsli Training Department. Any reimbursement will be made upon receipt of documentation.

A training fee will be paid as negotiated by the trainer and efsli.

Payment will be made upon receipt of invoice within 30 days following the conclusion of the training and upon receipt of the evaluation report.

A detailed contract will be signed by both parties (trainer and efsli) as soon as the trainer has been selected and has agreed to provide the training (contract to be signed by 10th September).

Important deadlines

  • The deadline to submit training applications is 30th August 2015

  • The selected trainer will be notified by 7th September 2015

  • The final training programme & materials must be delivered to efsli by 2nd October 2015



For more information, please contact the efsli Training Department at