Deaf Interpreters Seminar 2015

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Efsli-DI working seminar for Deaf Interpreters and Translators
  9th and 10th of September 2015, Warsaw, Poland
(immediately before the efsli conference).

Video’s in IS:
Video “General information about the DI working seminar by the chair of the DI network”
Video “Message from the trainers, Lorraine Leeson and Christian Rathmann”


The theme of this year’s working seminar is:

“The argument for the use of Deaf Interpreters.”

The aim of the seminar is to explore the arguments for engaging Deaf interpreters in such settings as courts, hospitals, conferences, schools, etc., where the accuracy and effectiveness of communication as well as cultural adaptability is very crucial.
Participants will also explore:
• Advantages of team interpreting for deaf and hearing cosumers
• How to encourage hearing interpreters to work in teams with their Deaf colleagues
• How Deaf consumers can argue for their right to a deaf interpreter
• How to develop arguments stating that Deaf interpreters should have the same training, work opportunities and working conditions as their hearing colleagues
• How to engage in national sign language interpreter associations
Leaders: Prof. Dr. Lorraine Leeson and Prof. Dr. Christian Rathmann


Provisional Programme:

9th September:

Morning: Introduction and Opening Presentations

Early Afternoon: Developing Arguments and Strategies in working groups part I

Late Afternoon: Discussion


10th September:

Morning: Developing Arguments and Strategies in working groups part II

Early Afternoon: Summary and Concluding Remarks

Late Afternoon: Annual General Meeting of the efsli-DI and preparation for the efsli AGM.



Thirty places are available. Applications will be limited to two participants per country until 1st May. After that date, any free places will be open to all applicants (first come, first served).

Registration to this 4th efsli Deaf interpreters working seminar is now open.
Registration fee: (Including coffee breaks)
200 Euros for participants from countries with a GDP of over 20.000)
100 Euros for participants from countries with a GDP of under 20.000)

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DI spring seminar 2015

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