efsli Schools



Every year efsli organizes two or three training programmes: in spring, summer and winter. The aim of efsli schools is to bring together sign language interpreters from all over Europe interested in improving their professional skills.

 efsli schools

More than 200 participants over the past six years

“Friendly atmosphere”
“Safe environment for learning and practice”
“Meeting colleagues from different countries and share experiences”
“Great fun!”

19 countries:
Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, UK

efsli schools over the last years

2006 Prague (Czech Republic)
efsli school
‘Interpreting from/into English’

2008 Prague (Czech Republic)
efsli Summer school
‘Interpreting from/into English’

2009 Malta
‘Understanding Deaf Culture – The interpreting process of visual information/interpreting skills and strategies’

2009 Zagreb (Croatia)
efsli Summer school
‘Interpreting for people with deafblindness’

2010 Prague (Czech Republic)
efsli Spring school
‘Deaf interpreters in a team’

2010 Siena (Italy)
efsli Summer school
‘Interpreting in International Settings’

2011 Nitra (Slovakia)
efsli Winter school
‘Performing Arts Interpreting’

2011 London (UK)
efsli Winter school a d showcase “efsli’s got talent”
‘Performing Arts Interpreting’

2012 Thessaloniki (Greece)
efsli Spring School
‘Interpreting in Legal Settings’

2012 Tallinn (Estonia)
efsli Summer school
‘Ethical Dilemmas in Sign Language Interpreting’

2012 London (UK)
efsli Autumn school
‘Deaf Interpreters in a Team II’

2013 Ede (the Netherlands)
efsli Spring school
‘Interpreting for the elderly’

2013 Copenhagen (Denmark)
efsli Summer school
‘Interpreting with service users with minimal language skills:
make your Sign Language more visual”

 Tallinn 2012 - efsli Summer school


How to host an efsli school

The general aim of efsli schools is to bring together sign language interpreters from all over Europe interested in improving their professional skills while exchanging their own experiences. In particular, one of efsli’s main concern is to ensure access to learning and training opportunities to interpreters who live in those countries where there is no formal recognition or certification of skills and professional awareness.

efsli has developed the guidelines for National Associations of Sign Language Interpreters (NASLIs) and institutions interested in hosting an efsli school and cooperating with efsli in the organisation process. Each NASLI can propose a topic that has a training priority for their country. However it is advisable to focus on a topic of some European relevance too in order to open the school to participants from different countries across Europe.

If you are interested in hosting an efsli school or if you need further information, please contact Lieve Roodhooft, Head of Training department: lieve.roodhooft@efsli.org