Spring School 2016

efsli Spring School 2016

22nd to 24th of April 2016

“Simultaneous Interpretation and the Media:
Interpreting for Television”

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The European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters is delighted to announce that the 2016 efsli Spring School will take place in Vienna from 22nd to 24th of April 2016.
The school is being organized in cooperation with the Austrian Association of Sign Language Interpreters (ÖGSDV) and is part of the Erasmus + programme of the European Union.

Frequently asked questions

Registration deadline:
12th April 2016

1) What is the 2016 efsli Spring school about?

Sign language interpreting on television is one of the most visible forms of accessibility for Deaf citizens. As there is relatively little research available and training opportunities in this field, efsli has designed the present school for professional development across Europe.

The training will be a mix of theory, discussion and practical exercises covering the following aspects:

• Linguistic and theoretical aspects of media interpreting
• Special interpreting skills to match with constraints for delivery. What do interpreters need when working for television?
• Media settings and contexts: News, political debates, documentaries, talk shows… What kinds of strategies should be put in place for an effective interpreting?
• Deaf viewers expectations – what can make it difficult for viewers to understand interpreters when interpreting on television?
• How does interpreting on television differ from other interpreting services?
• Working together with other professionals: how can interpreters team with television professionals in order to get the best from each other and provide a successful service?
• Deaf and Hearing interpreting working for television – best practices
• Examples and hands-on-practice
Address of the Training venue
Further details will be given to registered participants. On Saturday 23rd April participants will be able to practice in a studio equipped with a Teleprompter.

Training Schedule

The course will be held will in Vienna from 22nd April to 24th of April 2016. The training schedule is as follows:

Friday 22nd April from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Saturday 23rd April from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sunday 24th April from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm


Your place on the course will be confirmed by email at the latest by 1st April 2016.
Please do not book your accommodation or flight until your place on the course has been confirmed. Or if you do so, it will be at your own risk.

Selection of participants will be made according to the “first come, first served” system.
Training will take place if the required minimum number of participants has registered.

2) Who is the trainer?

Our trainer will be Clive Mason from the UK. Clive Mason is a native BSL user and he has been a prominent and influential figure in the field of sign language and the media for over thirty years. He also has a wealth of experience working in Higher Education establishments. Clive was instrumental in the delivery of the first ever Diploma in BSL Translation and is amongst the first cohort of deaf professionals to become an NRCPD Sign Language Translator in the UK.

3) Communication at the 2016 efsli Spring School

The trainer will use International Sign.
IS/English interpretation will be provided.
Correspondence with efsli and official documents will be in English.

4) How much does it cost?

The registration fee includes tuition, coffee breaks and course material. Participants will have to arrange for their own accommodation and travel.
Payments must be made the same day of registration. If not, your registration is not valid.
Please email a copy of the proof of your payment to the efsli secretariat. If you have difficulties when making your payment, please immediately contact the efsli secretariat at secretariat@efsli.org.

Registration (+ payment) deadline is 1st April 2016

Registration fee:
• efsli individual member (GDP up to 20.000 €) 180,00 euros
• efsli individual member (GDP exceeding 20.000 €) 300,00 euros
• non efsli individual member (GDP up to 20.000 €) 360,00 euros
• non efsli individual member (GDP exceeding 20.000 €) 600,00 euros

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efsli Spring school 2016 Vienna

Individual membership is open to Sign Language Interpreters within Europe and other interested persons who subscribe to the aim and objectives of efsli.
Sign language interpreters who are members of National Associations (full members of efsli) are not automatically individual efsli members. You can become an individual member here: https://www.efsli.org/efslishop/MembershipRenewal/_Select_.htm

5) Who can register?

• Sign language interpreters interested in this topic.

6) How do I register?

Registration is online >>> HERE <<<

Payments must be made the same day of registration or by the following day at the latest.
If not, your registration is not valid. If you have troubles when making your payment, please immediately contact the efsli administration at admin@efsli.org

7) I want to cancel my registration. Can I get a refund?

Please be advised that if you wish to cancel your registration then the following cancellation policy applies.
If your cancellation is received:
• before 1 April 2016: 50% refund (minus bank transfer fee)
• after 1 April 2016: no refund
Changes in registration: 50 Euro (it will be applied if you decide not to cancel your registration but send someone else instead of you).
Cancellations must be sent by email to admin@efsli.org and need to be officially confirmed by efsli.

8) Do you still need further information?

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact efsli at: ivana.bucko@efsli.org