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Please read the information in this guidance carefully BEFORE completing the Application Form!

SAF application guide 2019

SAF online Application FormFor 2023 we have create an online application form, this will open in another page. Please fill out this application form. The deadline is 15/04/2023!

1: Background

  • The efsli Supportive Attendance Fund has been set up to provide funds to sign language interpreters from European countries with a GDP of 15.000 (fifteen thousand) Euro or lower to attend an efsli day & Conference.
  • These eligible countries are listed on our website.
  • Applications will be processed by a SAF– committee.
  • The fund will not cover 100 percent of the cost to attend an efsli event. The fund can be used to cover travel costs (amount agreed by the committee), accommodation costs (up to 100%), conference fee (up to 100%) or combination of the above.
  • The applicant is also expected to make some contribution or seek out other funding opportunities.
  • Applications will be processed by a date agreed by the SAF-committee of each year and the successful applicants will be informed of how much funding has been approved and how it will be paid. They will also be informed of their obligations as a result of being successful (please refer to section heading “Requirements of Successful Applicants). Unsuccessful applicants will be informed of why their application has been unsuccessful. All applicants will be sent a letter advising of the decision made.

2: Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a working sign language interpreter or, in rare circumstances, another professional working in the field of deafness/interpreting.
  • The applicant must reside and work in one of the countries listed in the list of eligible countries.
  • The GDP of the Eligible country must be 15,000 (fifteen thousand) Euro or less at the time of application
  • The SAF-committee may under special circumstances approve applicants from countries who have a GDP per capita of more than 15.000 (fifteen thousand) Euro. (For example, where there are sufficient funds or where the only applications are from countries who have a GDP per capita of more than 15.000 (fifteen thousand) Euro.)

The Applicant may not apply for funding if:

  • They are planning to work as an interpreter at the efsli event in question.
  • They have been convicted of an offence concerning their professional conduct by a judgement, which has the force of res judicata;
  • They have been guilty of grave professional misconduct proven by any means, which the funding authority can justify;
  • They have been the subject of a judgement, which has the force of res judicata for fraud, corruption, and involvement in a criminal organization or any other illegal activity detrimental to efsli’s interests.

3: Application Form

Please answer EACH question FULLY and PERSONALLY. Ensure that it is signed and dated according the request in the online form.
Incomplete applications and/ or late applications will not be accepted!

Successful Applicant Requirements:

    • Successful Applicants will be expected to promote the Fund by publicising their success in being granted funding
    • The EFSLI Membership will also be able to promote the Fund by publicising details of Successful Applicant
    • Successful applicants will be required to provide a report following the conference on how it was a benefit to them. This report will be subject to publication by efsli on our website and/or published in the efsli newsletter.

4: What if a Grant is made but you cannot attend?!?!

If an Applicant is unable to attend after having obtained funding, the following criteria applies:

If the application is from an individual then any payments made must be returned.

If the application is from a national association then the SAF-committee will consider a substitute being sent.

The SAF-committee will be responsible for making a decision in all cases where a successful applicant is unable to attend and will consider all circumstances when making their decision.

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