A series of joint webinars efsli/tgsd

The Quality Assurance of

Translation Products

In cooperation with tgsd – Association of Deaf Sign Language Interpreters in German spoken countries (GER, AUS & CH)

Registration deadline for last webinar: 14th December 2021

Due to the growing digitalisation of information, especially during the recent corona pandemic, official information in sign language is particularly important for the Deaf community. How can the quality of translated texts be assured?

DIN EN ISO 17100, as an international guideline for translation work, is a good starting point. These guidelines can provide clarity on what can be expected from the translation and what the translation process can look like. However, these guidelines can only be used in the field of translation, not in simultaneous interpreting. The distinction between interpreting and translating is not always clear cut after all. This is also something we can address.

In this three-part webinar series, a number of stages and steps throughout the process will be considered, such as communication with clients, price calculation, teamwork between Deaf and hearing interpreters, distribution of roles (interpreters, revisers, and reviewers), and quality control. We will also do practical exercises during the third webinar.



Benedikt J. Sequeira Gerardo was born and raised near Frankfurt in Germany. He is 35 and for the last ten years, he has lived and worked in Berlin — as an entrepreneur and a qualified interpreter of German Sign Language and German. The company which he has built, yomma, is one of the largest companies in Europe in the field of sign language translation.


Webinars schedule:

26 November 10:00am-12:00am BRUSSELS TIME
29 November 10:00am-12:00am BRUSSELS TIME
17 December 10:00am-12:00am BRUSSELS TIME


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Webinars are designed for interpreters, student interpreters and trainers.

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Registration deadline: 14th December 2021

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