New webinar is coming up! 11 October 2023: Interpreters’ wellbeing by Tim Richardson & Vicci Ackroyd

Theme: The webinar will explore the values underpinning our ethical codes, and find ways of making the best decisions when those values come into conflict with each other.
WHEN?: 11 October 2023, 18:00–20:00 CET.

Course outline
Interpreters work in a wide area of settings, there are times when work can leave us with thoughts and feelings that are difficult to process. Supervision is a long-awaited time and space for us to be able to bring concerns, issues and dilemmas for discussion. In this session we will explore our lived experiences, the impact of our work and how supervision enables guide conversations in an honest and open way. It can further meaningful exploration including challenges, to help interpreters development, growth; reducing the risk of stress and burnout thus facilitating the continuation of a reflective professional who cares about themselves, others and their work. N.B. This session will include a practical element.

Vicci Ackroyd
Is a qualified BSL/English Interpreter who has worked in education supporting deaf children, young people and adults, and within community settings since 1997. She has worked with National Deaf Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) since 2008 and is the clinical team interpreter lead for the Northern Arm. She provides clinical supervision for interpreters within the service and has completed a Diploma in Supervision with SCPTI.

Tim Richardson
Is a qualified Social Worker and has worked with National Deaf CAMHS since 2010 as the manager of the team in the North of England. He has also been involved in service development in Deaf CAMHS regionally and nationally. This included the development of the role and status of interpreters in the service, recognising the integral role interpreters play in an effective deaf mental health service.


The webinar will be delivered in English and interpretation into IS will be provided.

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