Paul Belmonte giving a training: The mixing desk model

Efsli is delighted to announce that we will have two-part training online given by the lovely Paul Belmonte. 

WHEN?: Thursday 18th of May 18-20 CEST & Saturday 10th of June 10-12 CEST. 

Theme: The webinar will explore the values underpinning our ethical codes, and find ways of making the best decisions when those values come into conflict with each other. 
Languages: the webinar will be delivered in English and interpretation into IS will be provided.
Please register here online, the registration deadline is 12th May at 18:00 CEST.
Instructions on how to get connected to the efsli webinar platform will be given to registered and paid participants. 

The mixing desk model:

As professional interpreters, we know we cannot afford to be rigid when applying our ethical frameworks to daily decision making. We have rules that we follow, but when faced with a dilemma, the mantra we often quote is; “It depends!” However, ‘it depends’ does not add clarity or transparency to our decision-making process. Is there a better way to articulate our ethical thinking, while allowing for us to make different decisions in various situations?
These workshops are based on up-to-date academic writing on values-based ethics. They will not transform the way we practice, but they will help us to deconstruct our ethical frameworks and rebuild them on a more robust foundation.
They will help us to explain our decisions when our ethical values come into conflict, making those decisions more methodical both to ourselves and to those we work with.

Session one will explore: 

  • potential problems with our current ethical approaches
  • the personal values that we bring to the interpreting arena
  • the evolution of the interpreting profession, while identifying and preserving the underlying values underpinning that evolution. 

We will propose a ‘mixing desk model’ of ethical thinking which will allow for our rules to be adapted to different situations. These discussions will provide us with a list of values that we can bring to the next session. 

Session two: 
Will review the values generated from session one, then further discussion will add the ideals held by the other partners in our work. We will then move into a practical session where these values can be applied to real interpreting situations. We will see how these values can come into conflict and create  a more transparent and methodical way of resolving those conflicts as we come to well-judged decisions. we will use the mixing desk model to find ethical solutions that give the best possible outcomes to a range of scenarios.
Through this review of up-to-date ethical frameworks and discussion with our colleagues, we aim to move forward with a system of ethics that is more robust and transparent, as well as being nuanced and flexible as we meet the needs of a modern profession.

Registration fees:

  • efsli individual members: 45,00€ for 1 session OR 80,00€ if you book both at the same time for both sessions.
  • non-efsli individual members: 95,00€ for 1 session OR 180,00€ if you book both at the same time for both sessions.


Cancellation policy
There is no refund once you have registered and paid.
It is possible to cancel your registration and let attend someone else instead of you or donate your place to a SAF attendee. 
Cancellations must be sent by email to and need to be confirmed by efsli.

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