Press release Launch of “Learning Outcomes” and “Assessment Guidelines”


Launch of publications
“Learning Outcomes” and “Assessment Guidelines”
for courses leading to the qualification of Sign Language Interpreters
17th december 2013
The European Parliament
10:00 – 13:00 hours

• Adam Kosa, MEP
• Werner Kuhn, MEP
• Peter Llewellyn-Jones, President of the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (efsli)
• Olga Cosmidou, Director General of the DG for Interpreting and Conferences, European Parliament
• Marco Benedetti, Director General of the DG Interpreting, European Commission
• Rytis Martikonis, Director General of the DG Translation, European Commission
• Professor Lorraine Leeson, Chair of the efsli Committee of Experts
• Mark Wheatley, Executive Director of the European Union of the Deaf (EUD)
• Carlota Besozzi, Director of the European Disability Forum (EDF)

Following a major two-year research and consultation exercise involving its 30 member national organisations across Europe, efsli is proud to present a ground-breaking publication: “Learning Outcomes for Graduates of a Three Year Sign Language Interpreting Training Programme”This publication will lay the foundations of Europe-wide training standards for sign language interpreters and ensure a better quality of services for Deaf citizens across the entire European Union. The project was led by efsli’s ‘Committee of Experts’, which comprises senior academics and practitioners from across Europe.
The ‘Outcomes’ publication is accompanied by the “Assessment Guidelines for European Sign Language Interpreting Training Programmes” which outlines and advises on how to assess the learning outcomes described in the main document. The texts were compiled by Professor Lorraine Leeson (Trinity College, Dublin), Lourdes Calle Alberdi (efsli Project Coordinator) and Sarah Bown (University of Wolverhampton, UK).

Content of the publications:
The Learning Outcomes cover eight knowledge domains and are descriptors of the minimal level of competence for entry to the profession
(1) Signed Language/s and Sign Linguistics,
(2) Spoken and/or Written Languages,
(3) Interpreting,
(4) Deaf Communities and Deaf Culture,
(5) Ethics and Decision Making,
(6) Interpreting for Specific Populations,
(7) Interpreting in Specific Settings and
(8) Professional Knowledge.
Both publications were funded by the Jean Monet Operating Grant, awarded by the European Commission’s “Lifelong Learning Programme”. Without this financial support the project would not have been possible.

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