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efsli CD-ROM 2008
“Signs for Countries in Europe and Beyond – New Edition 2008”

This new version contains signs for 48 countries and over 280 cities. It includes new European country and city signs as well as corrected signs from version one. The history of efsli, the development of the profession of sign language interpreting in Europe and the contact details of the interpreter associations can also be found on the CD.

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Glasgow (Scotland) 2010
“Synergy: Moving Forward Together”

Tallinn (Estonia) 2009
“Sound Mind in Sound Hands”

Voorschoten (the Netherlands) 2008
“Third Language Interpreting”

Zurich (Switzerland) 2007
“Setting Quality Interpreting Standards“ (CD-ROM)

Prague (Czech Republic) 2006
“Innovative Practices in Team Interpreting”

Vantaa (Finland) 2004
“Interpreting – Cooperating and Teamwork”

Barcelona (Spain) 1996
“Professionalism: Our Challenge for 2000”

Brighton (England) 2003
“Community Interpreting: the Essence, the Value and the Future”

Oslo (Norway) 2002
“Interpreting – a Piece of Art”

Copenhagen (Denmark) 2000
“What is the code of ethics for the loyal, human, conscious, Interpreter in the year 2000?”

Gent (Belgium) 1995
“Minimal Language Skills”