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locovermindtricks-2014Antwerp (Belgium 2014)


“Mind Tricks. Our brain is the limit. Cognitive processes in Sign Language Interpreting”



locoverCover proceedings 2013 Website storeLjubljana (Slovenia 2013)


Technology versus Interpreter: Support or replacement?


locoverFront of book1

Assessment Guidelines for Sign Language Interpreting Training Programmes


LOcoverLearning Outcomes for Graduates of a Three Year Interpreting Training Programme
efsli 2012 proceedings frot coverVienna (Austria 2012)

Be aware! Power and responsibility in the field of sign language interpreting



efsli 2011 proceedingsVietri sul Mare (Italy 2011)

Sight translation, sight interpreting meeting at the cross modes: Sign language interpreters as translators

Glasgow (Scotland) 2010

Synergy. Moving Forward Together

Tallinn (Estonia) 2009
Sound Mind in Sound Hands

Voorschoten (The Netherlands) 2008

Third Language Interpreting

Zurich (Switzerland) 2007

Setting Quality Interpreting Standards


Sorry, no longer available
Vantaa (Finland) 2004

Interpreting – Cooperating and Teamwork


Sorry, no longer available

Barcelona (Spain) 1996

Professionalism: Our Challenge for 2000


Sorry, no longer available