Survey for Sign Language Interpreters/ Translators and Interpreters & Assistants for Deafblind people across Europe

Dear all out there!

Efsli is inviting you to fill out this survey. A small amount of your time could give us a better insight in our profession. 

This survey is indented for those (have) practice the above mentioned professions. It’s not for researchers, are people affiliated with deaf or deafblind people. By gathering this information, we can update data about our profession in different European countries and us this in our lobbying. Because this is utterly important for us, we asked our Full Members to translate the survey if needed. 

That is why this survey is translated into: Czech, Italian, Bulgarian, Estonian and French besides English. Please choose below the link to the survey in the language of your choice. The collected data will be presented on our efsli day prior to the conference in Thessaloniki and will also be shared with our Full Members. 

Thanks for donating a bit of your time to this very valued questionnaire. 


Kind regards and hope to see you all in Thessaloniki, Greece, 

The board

links to the survey: 

ENG: Survey on SLI/SLT and DBI/DBA in Europe

FR: Enquête sur SLI/SLT et DBI/DBA en Europe

CZ: Průzkum o SLI/SLT a DBI/DBA v Evropě

BG: Проучване за SLI/SLT и DBI/DBA в Европа

EE: SLI/SLT ja DBI/DBA uuring Euroopas

IT: Questionario per SLI/SLT e DBI/DBA in Europa