The toolkit for European national associations of sign language interpreters

The toolkit for European nations associations of sign language interpreters

In 2023, EFSLI embarked on a dedicated mission to enhance the working conditions of European sign language interpreters. We’re pleased to share the results of this collective effort – our newly introduced toolkit, generously funded by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

🔍 Delve into the core of our survey findings, addressing vital aspects such as professional environments, job satisfaction, support systems, and daily challenges faced by interpreters. The voices of our diverse community have intricately shaped this toolkit, focusing on the most urgent needs of European sign language interpreters.

🚀 Our collaboration with national associations revealed a discernible need for leadership training. In response, this toolkit offers practical tools to assist interpreters in prioritizing actions and navigating their path to success.

Download the toolkit

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey! Together, let’s magnify the impact of sign language interpreters across Europe. 🤝💙

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