“Uncomfortable conversations” (part 1) – by Azaria Francis 22nd March 2023

“Uncomfortable conversations” (part 1) – by Azaria Francis

Being an effective ally, gender stereotypes and more.


Timing: 22nd of March 2023, 18:00-20:00 (CET)

Languages: the webinar will be presented in English and interpretation into IS will be provided.

Registrations: open till 13th March 2023 (link to registration)


During this webinar, a safe space will be provided to learn and talk about those difficult topics that make people feel uncomfortable. Discussing dilemmas related to you and your profession with like-minded people. We can all do better. Remember it is not one and done, but about starting these important uncomfortable conversations and keeping them going. Learning takes place when you come out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself.

An overview of the session: An introduction to what Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is and why it is important?

Topics will include:

1) Terminology – acceptable and unacceptable terms

2) Intersectionality and isms

3) Privilege and power

4) What does a ‘good ally’ looks like?

5) Gender stereotypes, discrimination and interpreting (happening to women AND men).

Discussions and Q&A. Sharing dilemmas, tips, strategies and learning from each other.

This webinar is for any sign language interpreters or translators who want to discuss in a safe space the topics that are often not mentioned. For anyone that wants to ask ‘those awkward or taboo questions’ or just to ask, ‘Am I allowed to use this term?’ This session will also be useful for those who may work or live in an area that is not exposed to a lot of diversity.


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