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Partners of efsli

AIIC is the only worldwide association for conference interpreters. Founded in 1953, it brings together more than 2800 professional conference interpreters in over 250 cities in over 90 countries. The association aims to represent the profession as a whole and to act on behalf of all conference interpreters. By expanding membership, especially in parts of the world where the profession is now growing rapidly, and by staying abreast of relevant developments AIIC aims to contribute to the overall good of the community of interpreters.
Website: www.aiic.net

The European Union of the DEAF (EUD) is a European non-profit making organisation whose membership comprises National Associations of Deaf people in Europe. Established in 1985, EUD is an organisation representing the interests of Deaf Europeans at European Union Level. EUD aims to establish and maintain EU level dialogues with the “hearing world” in consultation and co-operation with its member National Deaf Associations. For more information on the EUD: www.eud.eu

The EUD and efsli actively exchange information and support each other on related topics.
EUD and efsli have signed a working agreement in May 22, 2010. View/download here <<<

European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association EULITA is a new association that was established on 26 November 2009. EULITA is open to associations of legal translators and interpreters in the EU, as well as to general associations and individuals.
EULITA is committed to promoting the quality of justice, ensuring access to justice across languages and cultures and thus, ultimately, guaranteeing the fundamental principles of human rights as enshrined in the European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.
Website www.eulita.eu

The World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI) is an international non-profit organisation that works towards enhancing the profession of sign language interpreting worldwide. Efsli is not part of WASLI but is an independent umbrella organisation for sign language interpreters across Europe. In September 2008 WASLI and efsli signed a document on the cooperation between the two organisations. View/download here <<< For more information on WASLI: www.wasli.org