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efsli is a European membership led organisation of Sign Language Interpreters consisting of; national & regional associations, individual & associate members.

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Membership categories:
- Full
- Associate
- Individual.

Individual membership

Individual membership is open to Sign Language Interpreters within Europe, and other interested persons who subscribe to the aim and objectives of efsli. Individual members may participate in meetings but have no voting rights.

Last year the AGM decided to change the membership fee structure and therefore these are the new fees: click here



Membership benefits:

  • the efsli Newsletter by mail chimp
  • Access to the efsli online forum
  • 50% off on all efsli publications
  • Discount on other efsli products
  • Discount on special efsli workshops & efsli schools
  • 50% off on advertising in the efsli Newsletter and efsli in Brief

Payment options:

By bank transfer:
IBAN: BE71 290015049569
efsli (European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters)
Wetstraat 26/15
1040 Brussels

Please add in the message the following message: 
2024-700701 IM fee of “your first name and last name” “membership number of efsli”
Example: 2024-700701 IM fee of “Jane Doe” “I08-001”
If you are a new individual member, “2024-700701 IM fee and your full name” is sufficient.
Please ensure that the bank charges are covered when making the payment!

Online by Pay Pal or credit card:

For people who want to become an Individual member of efsli and live outside Europe, some are listed below in the group 4 and 5.
If you cannot find your country, please contact: treasurer@efsli.org

IM 2024 700701 GROUP 1:

IM 2024 700701 GROUP 1:

IM 2024 700701 GROUP 2:

IM 2024 700701 GROUP 3:

IM 2024 700701 GROUP 3b:

IM 2024 700701 GROUP 4:

IM 2024 700701 GROUP 5: